Umbrella Liability Insurance for Texas Farmers and Ranchers

Running a farm or ranch presents owners with unique everyday challenges – and risks. Despite our best efforts, accidents, and the lawsuits that may follow, can happen when you least expect them.

If you depend on your farm or ranch for your livelihood, it’s important to protect it with a quality liability insurance policy, like a Farm Umbrella Liability Insurance policy from Germania Insurance.

What is Farm Umbrella Liability Insurance?

A Farm Umbrella Liability Policy is an extra layer of liability protection that goes above and beyond the limits of your underlying Farm Liability Policy. Although a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy provides you and your family with similar protection, it does not cover business pursuits, such as running a farm.

Farm Umbrella Liability is designed to provide protections against liability risks that are common to the operation of a farm as a business. Unlike Personal Umbrella, a Farm Umbrella Policy can apply to entities, such as a sole proprietorship, or Limited Liability Corporation.

Germania’s Farm Umbrella Insurance features a variety of exclusions and endorsements that can help you customize a policy for your unique situation. Whether your business revolves around growing crops, raising livestock, or hosting agritainment activities on your property, you can find the liability protection you need at an affordable rate.

*Optional Farm Umbrella Endorsements and Exclusions:

Optional Exclusions for Farming and Business – Customize your coverage by excluding coverages for farming and ranching practices that don’t apply to your farm or ranch.

Extended Coverage to Farm Employees - Running a farm or ranch is a lot of work, and often requires the help of employees. This endorsement allows a farm employer to extend certain coverages to farm employees.

NEW! Agritainment Endorsement - This endorsement provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage liability, along with medical payments coverage arising from the leasing or rental or holding for leasing or rental of an insured location to others for agritainment purposes, such as such as hunting, fishing, fruit and vegetable picking, camping, hiking, and more.

…and more.

To learn more about Germania’s Farm Umbrella Liability Insurance, talk to your trusted Germania Authorized Agent today!

*Not a complete list of endorsements or exclusions. Coverage, endorsements, and exclusions are subject to application approval. For qualifications and a complete list of endorsements, exclusions, and coverage options, talk to your Germania Authorized Agent.